Clio Award Winner 2019
Shorty Award Winner 2020

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*All past works marked with an asterisk were done by Ed Morales*

The Machine Bridgerton Poster
Bridgerton *
The Machine Paddington Work
Paddington 2 *
The Machine Siesta Key Poster
Siesta Key S2 *
The Meg Movie Poster
The Meg *
The Machine Superman: Red Son Poster
Superman: Red Son *
The Machine Wonder Woman Work
Wonder Woman *
The Machine Coco Poster
Coco *
Incredibles 2 *
The Machine The Force Awakens Poster
Star Wars The Force Awakens *
The Machine Stranger Things Poster
Stranger Things S3 *
The Machine Black Panther Poster
Black Panther *
A Wrinkle In Time *

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