Incredibles 2

Disney/Pixar, 2018

*Past work of Ed Morales*

Property of Disney/Pixar
Property of Walt Disney Studios
Property of Disney/Pixar

It’s Elastigirl’s time to shine, and Bob’s turn to be flexible, in the long-anticipated sequel to a childhood classic in Incredibles 2. Working on this film was a dream come true for The Machine co-founder, Ed Morales! Having grown up with the original movie, this film was a long-awaited gift! Cutting together animated films is one of Ed’s strong suits as well as one of his favorite types of projects to work on. Incredibles 2 follows our beloved family of superheroes throughout their seemingly normal lives. They can’t risk being detect

ed as supers because it is now illegal! When Elastigirl gets a job offer that

takes her far from home, Bob must step up in the child raising department. Let’s just say, being a parent is just as hard as saving the planet from destruction! Join the incredibles on their journey through changing primary caregivers in this action packed film sure to excite people of all ages. Check out the work we did on this film by watching the videos below.

Incredibles 2

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